I offer down to earth, high performance coaching, consulting, training and speaking programs to support you on your journey to become a better leader and co-leader of change. Each program is based on sharing and implementing the time-tested and very effective Agile Mindset illustrated at the right.

Download your free mini eBook “RED” for a complete description of the Agile Mindset.

(You will receive the eBook’s contents as they are written and you will be invited to act and be acknowledged, in the version to be officially published before Christmas 2014, as one of its co-editors though your comments, if you wish to do so. I believe this first eBook will be a better one with your comments than being based only on my own life experiences. Together  we will make it a better book.)

This mindset is not a recipe applied blindly to any project. It is a very flexible, “evolutive” and adaptable change and project management framework and approach through:

  • Adopting, living genuinely and sharing with your teams and collaborators 4 values essential to truly agile and amazingly high-performing teams, values that:
    • Align and engage all stakeholders.
    • Promote and foster the individual and collective behaviors that are necessary to generate outstanding collaboration and help co-create imaginative, very effective and highly valuable solutions and outcomes.
  • Applying 10 very simple principles used by successful teams that integrate collective strategies, developed through millions of years of trial and error by other highly successful species, called Bioteaming
  • Using and adapting the 4 prevailing techniques that are the building blocks of most, if not all the most effective and high-performance adaptive tools, how-tos, agile, lean and similar methodologies used on all successful projects.

The elements of this framework have been developed and used successfully on projects of all types and all sizes, from simple to very complex contexts.  All of my programs are based on sharing, learning, integrating and implementing the Agile Mindset into your life and work. Currently, I provide four integrated services to support you, your teams and your collaborators at work and in all your personal endeavors:

High Performance Coaching


coachingI provide highly effective personal and team coaching to make you completely self-sufficient, and ever more successful and happier at work and all other areas of life. We will accomplish that together, through mutual sharing and coaching, as we co-create, co-develop, let you choose and integrate YOUR VERY OWN Agile Mindset, aligned with your values and adaptable to your specific business and personal needs.



Highly Focused and Effective Consulting


consultingI provide professional business and personalized consulting services for you, your teams and your collaborators. By delivering necessary benchmarking and diagnostic information, global perspectives and very specific contextual recommendations, I support developing and implementing YOUR VERY OWN high performance, agile, collaborative and co-creative change/project strategies and detailed action plans.



Immediately Actionable Workshops, Seminars and Courses


trainingMy workshops, seminars and courses cover organizational agility, agile-lean project management, portfolio and program management, benefits realization management and forming, building and developing teams. This effective training is designed and developed to be readily actionable in your specific environment, both during and immediately after its delivery.



In-demand Keynotes that Engage, Empower and Mobilize


coachingFor more than a decade, I have been invited to deliver speeches, keynotes and presentations at conferences around the world. My most popular messages are on organizational engagement, productivity, as well as transformational changes and the best behaviors and practices that make them succeed.