High Performance Coaching 

Let me support your journey to mastering change

My Lead Together For Change ™ (LTC ™) coaching programs are based on my personal experiences with time proven agile and lean values, principles and best practices.

Do you wish to master the art of collective change management?

As your coach and your co-journeyer, I will help you to:

  • Clarify both your vision and your mission
  • Align your personal beliefs with your mission
  • Develop your own Agile Mindset, the one that fits and serves best your specific needs and circumstances
  • Discover, access and use all your inner resources
  • Develop high performance problem solving and opportunity analysis skills
  • Ultimately become self-sufficient in making critical decisions, taking effective action and producing high value outcomes with maximum benefits to all concerned.

The LTC™ coaching process will empower you, and the teams under your responsibility to:

  • Decide of and select by yourself the best course of action for what you have to do
  • Take charge of its execution in all confidence.

Your new Agile Mindset will enable you to design by yourself the best original recipe for success possible: one that is highly cost-effective, that includes maximum flexibility and that is customized and perfectly adapted to the specific situation at hand.

With my support as your coach, YOU will continue to grow and build on your successes by:

  • Learning how to use, leverage and integrate highly effective agile/lean, co-creative and collaborative project management best practices, including the Changeboxing Methodology, a tested and proven change management process that accelerates and maximizes the benefits of your projects.
  • Integrating in your skillset and using yourself the Changeboxing Methodology
  • Learning how to apply, and integrating in your professional and personal life, essential co-leadership values, principles and key collaborative behaviors, all associated with higher performance and high value outcomes
  • Taking individual and collective leadership of your actions, as you become high performing individuals, leaders, project teams and organizations in your field of work.

How am I different from other change management coaches?

I prefer to work with you on a specific change project, coaching you or your group to gain tools for immediate success with this endeavor and learn skills that you will have forever. This has the advantage to create the conditions for the development of immediate actionable new skills, resulting into actions that will give quick, easily measurable, concrete benefits.

coaching raft

As your coach, I do not expect nor wish for any long-term relationship based on dependence. LTC ™ coaching is about freeing your innate talents and empowering you and your collaborators to use them as you please. The faster you will become self-sufficient as agile-minded individuals, leaders, teams and organizations, the better it will be.

What do I offer as a coach?

I provide customized, immediately actionable coaching in all areas of project and change management for:

  • Private businesses
  • Governmental agencies and entities
  • Not-for-profit organizations
  • Communities, Groups and Teams of all kinds

LTC™ Coaching Programs include, as needed, face to face and/or virtual coaching assistance to a whole organization, teams and/or individuals.

As your coach, I will share an Agile Mindset, skills and behaviors that will empower you with the fundamental beliefs, values, focus, skills and know-how to:

  • Meet successfully your challenges
  • Consistently achieve and sustain the high value results you expect in all facets of your professional and personal life

I will challenge and support you in developing and applying the skills and tools that will make you happier as you attain your goals.

It is a great honor and a privilege for me to be of service to you.

It is with great humility and pride that I offer to contribute my practical experience and coaching skills to your success.

Let’s talk

We can meet face to face if I am close by. If I am not, we can meet by telephone, by skype or video conferencing to discuss your coaching needs, the customization necessary to meet these needs, pricing and conditions.

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