Immediately Actionable Workshops, Seminars and Courses 

My LEAD TOGETHER FOR CHANGE ™ (LTC™) Training Programs are designed to give instant results in terms of learning, higher performance and return on investment. I offer customized, immediately actionable training on project and change management for:

  • Private businesses
  • Governmental agencies and entities
  • Not-for-profit organizations
  • Communities, Groups and Teams of all kinds

All workshops, seminars and courses are based on time proven agile and lean values and best practices. They promote the planning and successful realization of any project/change endeavor, as the participants learn:

  • HOW TO use and leverage highly effective agile/lean, co-creative and collaborative project management best practices.
  • HOW TO apply essential co-leadership values and principles to develop high performing, best in their field project teams and leaders.

All programs include virtual coaching assistance to help participants immediately use best practices and skills on real projects. Training is available in these areas:

  1. Global project management, covering all aspects of project management
  2. Specific project best practices, focusing on one or a few specific best practices and techniques
  3. Team development and collaborative skills
  4. Organizational change management
  5. On-demand customized project-based training

You can dowload a pdf brochure explaining in detail:

  • The scope of my LTC™ Training Programs and
  • The “customizable” contents of the specific workshops, courses and seminars currently available


LTC ™ On-demand Customized Project-Based Training

I can develop and deliver new on-demand customized programs to meet your specific needs for project-based training. These programs can include and integrate a mix of workshops and seminars of different duration adapted to the needs of your different audiences.

For example, my business partner and I developed and delivered, over a 3-year period, a complete LTC ™Project Management training program for the employees of Aéroports de Montreal

This program was based on their new project management process and documentation (which we helped to develop, using Changeboxing methodology) and offered seminars on many different best practices as well as on project conflict management and influence soft skills. It was given in three different formats depending on the audience: 8-hour workshops for project managers and leaders, 4-hour seminars for project team members and project sponsors, and 2-hour information sessions for upper management (the VPs and the CEO).  LTC ™ On-demand Customized Project-Based Training Programs can cover any type of content (Earned Value Management, Cost Management, Stakeholder Engagement, Detailed Planning Techniques, Human Aspects, Project Governance, Executive Sponsorship, Project Roles and Responsibilities etc.) as long as it is related to project-based activities and agile-lean, collaborative approaches. They can be designed:

  • To support your current and new in-house processes and best practices.
  • To provide advanced training that will help you to introduce, promote, foster, develop and implement new best practices and high performing project team behaviors. 

What makes LTC™ training different?

The contents of a Lead Together for Change ™ training package are immediately actionable and will give the results you are looking for:

  • They are customized to meet your specific needs.
  • They respect your current culture and values.
  • They are designed as “FormActions” in which you internalize and experience new best practices and behaviors, simultaneously as you learn them.
  • They cover BOTH the best agile and lean practices (Know How to Do) AND the associated collaborative behaviors (Know How to Be) that must be put in place to make those best practices effective.

All LTC ™ training packages are designed to help you immediately harness the best project-oriented practices and behaviors through:

  • The experimentation of new tools and techniques via very effective mind-opening in-class team exercises.
  • The use of new tools and techniques, during training sessions, on one of your own projects, individually or with members of your project team.
  • The “coach-assisted” integration of the best practices on one of your own projects, in-between and after the formal in-class group training sessions.
  • The simultaneous “coach-assisted” development and integration of the highly effective, agile collaborative behaviors and soft skills that are the fabric of all high performing successful teams.

Each package will be customized for your specific needs and can be given in-house or in the location of your choice, in English or French. Coaching assistance is included and your cost per participant, will be well below the cost of public workshops. Your ROI on LTC™ Training Programs will be very high; the anticipated benefits will be felt quickly by your organization, stakeholders and team members, and by you – as a participant or sponsor. I go the distance for my clients. We can meet face to face if I am close by. If I am not, we can meet by telephone, by skype or video conferencing to discuss training, customization to meet your current needs, pricing and conditions.

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