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This is the wiki site for “crowdediting” the coming 1st edition of the eBook RED!

I want to have you as co-editors of the book because I believe that the resulting content will be enriched by your comments and recommendations, and that it will be a more valuable and useful book for its readers because of that. This is my first book. It is a book for us all, so you should have your say in it.

Only those who subscribed to my blog and received the 1/2th edition of the eBook, as it is written, have the address to this link and are allowed to be the co-editors of the coming 1st edition. Please, do not share this link with non-subscribers.

RED! is not a eBook that is to be “crowdwritten”, so this is not a true wiki “adventure”. There will be occasions to co-write on other things later. I am using a wiki plugin because its structure is convenient for what we will do together, me as the writer of the book, you as my co-editors.

So here is what I propose. I will be opening sub-wikis, one for each new part of the book as I will release them for crowdediting. You will find a link to the sub-wikis below, as I open them, starting with the preface and finishing with the covers.

When you click on the link to a specific sub-wiki, you will access its page. The page includes a link to a pdf version of the contents of the part of the eBook to be crowdedited:

  • Click on the link and it will open a new tab showing the pdf file
  • Use the discussion tab of the sub-wiki to enter any comments and recommendations you have, as a co-editor:
    • your general opinion of the content, its quality and its relevance for readers targeted, the Millennials by age and the Millennials by heart – all those who live by agile values, as I believe they are represented in my own set of beliefs 
    • your opinion on the tone used (offensive, too provocative, too judgmental, too friendly, too formal, right on)
    • words that should not be used
    • sentences that need rewording
    • sections or paragraphs that should be rewritten or removed
    • etc.
  • Forward your comments to me

I will give feedback on all comments and rewrite the part of the eBook based on what you will have recommended to me

This writing/crowdediting work will take place from now to the end of November 2014

The first «official» edition of the eBook will be published around Christmas 2014, on Amazon Kindle and/or through other eBook services.

To thank you for your work as co-editors:

  • You will receive a FREE copy of the official 1st edition of the eBook, digitally dedicated to you personally, as co-editor of the book
  • Your name will be included in the Acknowledgement section of the official 1st edition of the eBook, as being one of its co-editors

I look forward to your comments as my co-editors. They are important to me and to make this book a better, more useful, more valuable one.

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